The band is completely self-contained and has a PA system suitable for up to about 300 guests. If the event will host more than that then a larger PA can be hired. The band tour with their own stage lighting but can also utilise whatever is in the venue if it is suitable.

At many events a DJ is also booked, however, the band are happy to provide a CD player or a solid state device (iPod, android phone, etc) to play music through their PA between sets if required. They usually ask that you supply the recorded music so you get exactly what you want, but they can bring something suitable along if you’d prefer. At the venue the band need some electric power (at least 2 plug sockets) and a minimum performance area of about 4 meters x 3 meters or a little more if possible. It’s useful if they have a private room to change in, chill out and to keep their possessions, but that’s about all. If you fancied plying them with food and drink while they were with you I’m sure they wouldn’t complain.

The Robbers have public liability insurance up to the value of £10 million and all of the equipment is PAT tested on a regular basis – a dull detail but one which will please your venue manager!