The Band

Based in Manchester The Robbers generally play in the North of England, the Midlands and North Wales and are happy to accommodate most requests.

They are usually asked to play 2 x 45 or 2 x 60-minute sets but can tailor the length and number of sets to your event. They can also play recorded music through their PA between sets if that’s desirable, saving you the cost of a DJ. Speak to the band manager about what’s best for you.

The Robbers are great value for money and have worked hard to create a big sound, with 3 and 4 part vocal harmonies and great musicianship. For performances they can dress informally (see above), in black and white stripy T-shirts (see below) or more formally (see further down!) should the occasion call for it.

Matt Bolter – Lead Vocals, Guitar & Keyboard

Matt is a self-taught musician and can play guitar, bass and drums as well as being able to tinker on the piano / keyboard. For over 15 years he played with the 5 piece covers band, The New Originals – a name borrowed from the cult film Spinal Tap.

He has his own recording studio at home and as well as playing covers he has spent much of his life writing and recording original music. He made two albums with the band Turn to Flowers, on the same record label as The Mock Turtles and Inspiral Carpets and shared the bill with those bands as well as The Stone Roses, Northside and The Soup Dragons at various venues. With the band, Fat Black Cat, Matt toured the UK three times (with the Australian Doors) and a TV programme was made about them by Granada Television.

Matt still gets a huge buzz out of playing live and continues to write his own material with the band StateDancer. If you wish to engage him in conversation then he’ll happily talk about anything to do with music or second world war planes!

Emelia Rose – Lead Vocals & Guitar

Emelia is the newest member of the band and a hugely welcome addition adding amazing vocals and an extra guitar to the mix. She started singing at the age of 8 and now has a diverse repertoire and style from musical theatre and standards to full on rock and pop.

She names her musical guily pleasures as Westlife and McFly (well she is the youngest member of the band!) but says that her biggest influence is Freddie Mercury who she considers to have been the world’s greatest showman and vocalist.

Being a fan of Marvel films she admits to being a bit of a geek and is happy to be surrounded by other geeks and in her own words “insanely talented musicians”. I’m sure they won’t mind hearing that.

Stuart Woolfries – Drums & Vocals

Stuart - web

Stuart is another multi-instrumentalist and although he sits at the back behind the drums he can also play the guitar and bass. He even has a music degree to prove it.

He plays in a number of bands including the Big Shot Swing Orchestra, Soul Bandits and Brass Routes and in the past has played with the Casino All Stars and The Groove Merchants -a pun-tastic collection of bands I’m sure you’ll agree!

He now passes on his drumming expertise by teaching. He has an eclectic musical taste and says that he likes most genres from metal to jazz and everything in-between, although his biggest influence on his drumming has probably been Vinnie Colleuta, the drummer for Frank Zappa.

Tom Favell – Bass & Vocals

Tom plays a number of instruments including the guitar which he also teaches. He’s enjoying playing bass and singing with this band though.

As well as teaching the guitar he also teaches music theory – proving that he must have the patience of a saint. He gained his knowledge having completed a music degree at Salford University.

He cites his musical influences as Ryan Adams, The Beatles, Steely Dan and Death Cab For Cutie and as well as playing covers he also writes his own music which he regularly performs under his own name.